pagan of the good times
how about a kiss for your jailbird brother?
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Where will you wrestle her, and in what shadows, and on what crumpled sheets?


Mummy Holmes when Mycroft was being a sassy little shit with her just raising an eyebrow more like ”I don’t care how old you are I’ve put you in time out when you were little and I’ll do it again” 

  1. simon: the first risen is beutiful
  2. simon: so i made out with him
  3. simon: and disregarded my entire belief system for him
  4. simon: haha gonna have to deal with that sooner or later
  5. simon: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hope Gangloff


[sees two characters, one brave and one smart] johnlock au

[sees two characters, one tall and one short] johnlock au

[sees cat and dog being friends and interacting] johnlock au

[sees the sun in the day and the moon at night] johnlock au

[sees broom propped up against the wall next to a bucket] johnlock au

[sees my index finger next to my thumb] johnlock au

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"john can’t be bisexual, he’s married to a woman"



“We’re going to need to coordinate.”

I just keep staring at this gif and thinking how John’s tone of voice is quite lovely and low and terse and maybe he would just kiss Sherlock to shut him up and get him to cooperate and and ????? 

pop punk is dead and your dad slept with your principal after a parent teacher conference in second grade


by panic an the disco ft. fall out boy

there’s a hole in ben c’s pocket and he can feel his wiener through it that’s why he hasn’t moved his hand